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Orange Cat Sleeping with Towels


Groomers grooming dogs at Animal Care Center of Plainfield

Quality Care with style

We offer several levels of grooming at Plainfield Pet Resort, ranging from a basic wash and dry to a complete day at the spa.

Grooming appointments typically include bath, blow dry, brush out, hair cut per breed, anal gland expression, basic ear cleaning, nail trim.

Additional (extra) services include nail dremmel, teeth brushing, special shampoos, de-shed services, tattoo, and nail polish.

To schedule an appointment, please call 630-378-0880. Grooming services can also be scheduled while boarding your pet.

People trust us, dogs love us

All Plainfield Pet Resort groomers are certified by the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA).

Orange Sleepy Cat Getting Brushed

Grooming Vaccine Requirements:


  • Rabies

  • Distemper

  • Bordetella

  • Canine Influenza

  • Negative stool test


  • Rabies

  • Feline Distemper

  • Negative Feline Leukemia Test (one time)